SD 201: Spiritual Disciplines – Syllabus Winter 2017

Date: Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017 Instructor: Lee Pigg D. Min.
Time: 8AM – 4PM
Place: Central Station Cowboy Church


This course will begin with an explanation and importance of spiritual disciplines followed by understanding the need to be disciplined in spiritual matters. Next the student will discover multiple disciplines that are important for a follower of Christ to live out on a regular basis.


Note: Students are responsible for purchasing their own books prior to class. This book is available on Amazon for approximately $10.

Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life by Donald S. Whitney (NavPress), 2014


Read four chapters of your choice and type the following statement in an email to me: “I do affirm that I have read the following four chapters (list chapters), in Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life.

Choose three disciplines from the textbook and write a 250-300 word summary of each. Include in your summary how God is challenging you in this particular area of discipline in your life.

Submit work in 12 font, double spaced, with name, class, instructor and date in a header at top left of first page labeled page 1 at bottom and following pages numbered accordingly.

All work is to be emailed to the Professor by 11:59 pm Wednesday, March 15, 2016. Late work will not be accepted.