North American Bible Institute

Discipleship Through Mentoring

July 8, 2023

Dr. Hampton Drum

Course Description: In this course students study the process of developing a mentoring relationship. One of the most rewarding jobs of a Christians leaders,is to pass on the spiritual insights they have learned. The work of a Christian mentor is a very crucial work to develop future Christian leaders. Realizing that the Bible is replete with many examples of mentoring relationships, and the benefits of these relationships are still evident in the church today. It will be the aim of this course to enable the student to be able to identify a potential mentor, develop a mentoring relationship, and develop a system of follow-up with the mentor.

  1. Course Objectives:
  2. To examine carefully the process involved in becoming a mentor.
  3. To consider and discuss how to move from a friendship into a mentoring relationship.
  4. To review the most meaningful mentoring relationship of the Bible and glean usable techniques from their example.


  1. Required Text:

Mentoring, Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Becoming One, by Bobb Biehl. Broadman & Holman Publisher, Nashville, Tennessee, 1996.

  1. Requirements:
  2. Class meeting on Saturday, July 8, 2023.  Participate in discussions and assignments.
  3. Purchase the textbook and be familiar with its table of contents before the first day of class.  
  4. Each student will prepare a list of potential proteges. Individuals you feel have an interest in Christian leadership and would benefit from your mentoring. The assignment is to begin the prayer process in finding the one who would most identify with your style of leadership.
  5. Write a critical review of the textbook (Mentoring, Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Becoming One), a minimum of 3 pages (double spaced). The review should demonstrate the students understanding of the text, and their observations on how it could impact a mentoring relationship. The critical review will be due on August the 30th. Students can either email the review to me at (hdrum62@gmail) or mail the review to; Tri-City Baptist Church, P.O. Box 40 Conover, NC 28613, c/o Dr. Hampton Drum, post marked no later than August 30th. Notify Mary at when you have completed the assignment so you can get credit for the course.