BL521 – Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership

January 7,2023

First Session:

Title: Leadership from the Biblical Perspective

Professor Leon Hawks

Leadership in the church must be learned  through the examples left for us in the Holy Scripture. This class will examine those principles and learn to apply them to counter present day leadership based on worldly success.

Second Session:

Title: Faithful Leadership in a Compromising Culture

Professor Jesse Watkins

When the church starts to think it can reach the world by adopting the strategies of the world, we lose the power of the Gospel.  This session will look at Biblical examples where the church was rebuked for trying to become like the world, and how simple and ordinary faithfulness to the Gospel is the power of God for salvation.


Third Session:

Title: Leadership Defined

Professor: Dr. Micheal S. Pardue, Sr.

In this course, we will examine the necessities and dangers of leadership. Using examples from both the Old and New Testament, this course will consider characteristics and requirements of strong biblical leadership as well as cautions for leaders who serve in the local church.

There is no required textbook for this class, but the professors will recommend optional reading materials as part of the class discussion.