BL520 – Evangelism and Gospel Apologetics

Fall 2022

Instructor: Dr. Eric Cook

Phone (704) 254-6529

Evangelism and Gospel Apologetics  Syllabus                                           




An introduction to the oral presentation of the gospel to the individual, including personal spiritual preparation for the task. Biblical foundations and demands for evangelism will provide the basis of study. There will an emphasis throughout the course on Gospel apologetics as well.



The student who successfully completes this course will demonstrate the ability to:


  1. To have a comprehensive understanding what the Gospel is and how to communicate it.
  2. To better understand the different methods of communicating the Gospel.
  3. Write his/her personal testimony in preparation for use in gospel presentations.



    • Reading assignment:Coleman, Robert. The Master Plan of Evangelism, Second  Abridged New Spire Edition, Revell, 2010. (ISBN 978-0-8007-8808-7)


    • Pre-class assignment: Write a one-page paper on your salvation testimony. This
      paper should include:

      1. 1) Your life before Christ

        2) How you came to faith in Christ

        3) How your life has changed after coming to know Christ.


        • Attendance: Your attendance is required for thepersonal class work and teaching

    instruction on Saturday, October 1st from 8 am till 4 pm.



      • Required:Coleman, Robert. The Master Plan of Evangelism, Second Edition

    Abridged New Spire Edtn, Revell, 2010. (ISBN 978-0-8007-8808-7)


      • Suggested: Aldrich, Joseph.Life-Style Evangelism: Learning to Open Your Life to

                        Those Around You, (Multnomah1981). (NOTE: Relational Evangelism). *


    Cameron, Kirk; Comfort, Ray. School of Biblical Evangelism: 101

                            Lessons: How to Share Your Faith Simply, Effectively, Biblically… The

                           Way Jesus Did. (Bridge – Logos Foundation 2018).

    (NOTE: Confrontational Evangelism). *


    Newman, Randy; Woodruff, Joel. Conversational Apologetics Course: 

                          Practicing The Art of Sharing Your Faith with Others, (C.S. Lewis Institute).*