BL515 – Sermon Presentation and Delivery (Advanced)

North American Bible Institute
Sermon Presentation and Delivery
July 10, 2021 Dr. Hampton Drum
Course Description: In this course students study various approaches to sermon development and delivery. One of the preacher’s most important jobs is to allow the Bible to speak with clear understanding. Developing a delivery style that aids comprehension and increases understand should always be the goal of the effective pastor. The preacher must determine what the Bible is saying; and then deliver a sermon that is both, true to the text, and relevant to the listener. Realizing that the Bible is multifaceted, it needs to be analyzed with depth and precision. The objective of this course is to aid the preacher in determining the effective us of each element of the sermon.
From the introduction right through to the conclusion, the preacher will develop a delivery that will make each point standout from the Scripture. To aid the pastor in moving from panic to productivity in their sermon delivery, giving more time for development and effective delivery.
A. Course Objectives:
1. To examine carefully the public delivery of an expository sermon, and the importance of a well-rounded preaching program.
2. To consider and discuss how to construct a usable outline that leads the pastor through a preaching experience.
3. To think through the development of a year’s schedule, and learn how to prepare sermon material in advance. Give close attention on preaching the whole counsel of God.
4. To encourage intelligent and constructive conversation on how to develop and deliver an affective sermon.
B. Required Text: Planning Your Preaching, by Stephen Nelson Rummage. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 2002.
C. Requirements:
1. Class meeting on Saturday, July10, 2021. Lecture and handouts will be available.
2. Class participation, each study will be expected to be actively involved in making a contribution to the learning experience of the class.
3. Read the textbook in its entirety by September the fifteenth.
4. Each student will preach a sermon, and prepare to have it recorded by a phone device. Students are required to electronically send their sermon by September the fifteenth. This sermon should demonstrate the courses objectives, and give good example of sermon delivery.
5. Write a review of the textbook (Planning Your Preaching,), a minimum of 3 pages (double spaced). The review should demonstrate the students understanding of the text, and their observations on how it could impact their sermon delivery.
The review will be due on September the fifteenth. Students can either email the review and sermon outline to me at (hdrum62@gmail), or mail the review to; Tri-City Baptist Church, P.O. Box 40 Conover, NC 28613, c/o Dr. Hampton Drum, post marked no later than September fifteenth.