BL513 - Sermon Preparation and Delivery

North American Bible Institute
Sermon Preparation and Delivery
January 9, 2021
Dr. Hampton Drum
Course Description: In this course students study various approaches to biblical exposition for the purpose of increasing their competence in sermon delivery. One of the preacher’s most important jobs is to allow the Bible to speak with clear understanding. The analysis of the biblical text is a very crucial task in the preaching process. The preacher must determine what the Bible is saying and how that particular text speaks to the issues of his congregation. Realizing that the Bible is multifaceted, it needs to be analyzed with depth and precision. All the details that one can discover about the text will combine to enhance the listener’s experience. For the preacher, this should be a deep soul-searching experience as he soberly contemplates the ramification of what he is about to preach.
A. Course Objectives:
1. To examine carefully the task involved in the process of biblical exposition and preparation.
2. To consider and discuss how to move from personal exegesis to public presentation of biblical truth.
3. To encourage intelligent and sensitive dialogue about the interpretation of the Bible.
B. Required Text:
Power in The Pulpit, by Jerry Vines and Jim Shaddix. Chicago: Moody, 1986.
C. Requirements:
1. Class meeting on Saturday, January 9, 2021.  Lecture and handouts will be available.
2. Read the textbook in its entirety by March the fifteenth.
3. Each student will prepare an outline of the first ten verse of Ephesians chapter two. Students are required to turn in their outline by March the fifteenth. This outline should be pulpit ready, and one that they would be confident in preaching at a moments notice. Emphasis on good, biblical exposition is strongly suggested.
4. Write a critical review of the textbook (Power in The Pulpit), a minimum of 3 pages (double spaced). The review should demonstrate the students understanding of the text, and their observations on how it could impact pulpit effectiveness. The critical review will be due on March the fifteenth. Students can either email the review and sermon outline to me at (hdrum62@gmail), or mail the review to; Tri-City Baptist Church, P.O. Box 40 Conover, NC 28613, c/o Dr. Hampton Drum, post marked no later than March  fifteenth.