The worship leader boot camp covers essential basics for pastors and musicians leading worship in their churches:

  • What is the biblical basis of worship?
  • What does it mean to worship God with all our being?
  • What role should personal preferences play in worship?
  • How should culture impact corporate worship?
  • How should a missionary mindset impact corporate worship?
  • How is worship and discipleship intertwined?
  • Is unified worship the best way to go?
  • What style of worship is appropriate for my church?
  • If a church does sense God’s leadership to change, how can that be done in a healthy, God-honoring, people-loving manner with biblical and musical excellence?
  • How to move congregations from spectators to active participants.
  • Leadership development to help each person grow in their ability to be worship leaders and understand how to be sensitive in their work.
  • How to select (and where to find) new songs for worship, putting them through the proper filters for text and music. How do you determine that a song is appropriate for your church?
  • Mechanics of worship-learning how to put together a set list, gaining skills for producing sets of music with a seamless flow by considering key textual relationships. Participants will gain tools for planning a worship service and learn how to produce a worship plan/guide that will aid in service implementation.
  • Corporate worship in practice–looking at common pitfalls, rehearsal basics, and how to have ongoing evaluation to improve your worship team’s leadership.
In addition, we will consider various tools and technologies to help churches without musician resources such as tracks, virtual bands, multitracks, etc.
The Worship Leader Boot Camp has been attended by thousands of people around the world.
Textbook for the class will be $10 and will be available the day of the class.  For off-site students, we will need a list of students at your location by December 28 in order to make arrangements to have books sent to your location.
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