BL202 – Teaching and Preaching John – Syllabus Summer 2017

Join us on July 8 as Dr. Billy Belk leads “Teaching and Preaching through John.” The densely packed, heavily theological Gospel contains many of the core ideas of the New Testament. It is with good reason that new Christians and seekers are pointed to the book of John for insights into the nature of Christ, God’s redemptive work, and the richness of the biblical message. You won’t want to miss this opportunity! This course would be a great addition to your education/ spiritual growth and a great place to start if you haven’t previously joined us. Sign up today and join us as we learn the practical application of The Beloved Disciple’s teaching!

Textbook for the class is: The Gospel of John: Introduction, Exposition, and Notes F.F. Bruce.

Students may go ahead and read the introduction and analysis at the beginning, but should not read beyond that.