Registration is now open for our next exciting class, "Sovereignty and Free Will" with Dr. Michael Madaris as our instructor.  The Class will be held on October 5, 2019 at 8 AM !! 

This class will seek to explore the biblical reality of the sovereignty of God and the free will of man concerning the issue of soteriology (Salvation).  

Students are asked  to carefully read the following articles  by David L. Allen  and Erik Raymond.  Please make every effort to complete the reading  before the class on October 5!!

There will be no additional reading nor textbook requirement!


Perfect for those who are limited by time and/or money

What can you expect from NABI?

What can you expect from NABI?

What can you expect from NABI?

NABI Offers a great opportunity for bi-vocational pastors, leaders and teachers to get a quality education.

We host one class per quarter, totaling four classes per year. Each class is 8 hours on Saturday with 12 hours of homework per quarter.

A professor with a Master's Degree or above teaches each class.

Upon completion of the four classes students will be awarded the NABI ONE YEAR CERTIFICATE


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