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BL 101 Teaching and Preaching the Old Testament (BL510)

Old Testament Survey is a general introduction to the authorship and content of the Old Testament books. Special attention will be given to important persons, places and events, as well as to key chapters in the Old Testament revelation.  More than just a history of the Jewish people, the Old Testament is an early record of God’s redemption and restoration directed toward humanity as the answer to the broken human condition.  This course identifies the points of importance for a more complete, historical, and contextual understanding of God’s revelation to humanity in the Old Testament.

BL 102 Teaching and Preaching the New Testament (BL511)

New Testament Survey is a broad study of the history, literature, interpretation, theology, and basic content of the New Testament. Attention will be given to the character, background, and central 7uthemes of the New Testament as a whole and to the authorship, date, setting, theme, purpose, structure, and general content of its individual books. Important New Testament issues, events, and persons will also be highlighted.  Together with Old Testament Survey, this course will help students understand the whole Bible as the story of redemption and restoration.

TH 101 Teaching and Preaching Christian Doctrine

Rather than a systematic approach to the study of theology, Theology Survey will introduce students to a historical understanding of Christian theology.  Beginning with the Church Fathers who inherited church leadership from the apostles, Theology Survey will give special treatment to the conditions throughout history that have led the Christian church to make decisions about Christian dogma as the church has attempted to define its beliefs following the New Testament era of first-century AD all the way to the present.  Specific attention will be given to the theology that led to the emergence of the Baptist tradition.

SP 101 Sermon Planning and Delivery (BL513)

This Sermon Planning and Preparation course will begin with a study of the “grammatical-historical” approach to interpreting the Bible.  Students will learn how to interpret a theme in a particular text of Scripture and how that particular text limits the treatment of its theme in its historical, grammatical, and literary context.  Next, students will learn how to take the theme of the text originally introduced in a particular historical context and make it applicable to a contemporary audience.  Specific attention will be given to the concepts of explanation, illustration, argumentation, and application in the delivery of sermons.

SD 201: Spiritual Disciplines (BL514)

Spiritual Disciplines  instills in the student the importance of cultivating, maintaining, and growing their own personal relationship with Christ, and gives them the tools to do so.  This course will focus on developing sound habits that push students to a richer, deeper devotional life.

SP 201: Advanced Sermon Preparation and Delivery (BL515)

Advanced Sermon Preparation and Delivery takes the next step in lesson/ sermon planning.  Building off of PR 101, 201 will include practical guidelines as well as a live component that will require the student to deliver a short sermon, devotion, or lesson.

BL 201: Preaching through Genesis

Preaching Through Genesis focuses on the beginning of God's revelation and will use a commentary to work through the book with the goal of equipping the student to be able to teach and preach the book in a way that conveys God's message in a clear and concise way.

BL202: Preaching through the Gospel of John

 Preaching through the Gospel of John equips students with the ability to teach and preach through a theologically dense gospel.  Emphasis will be given to practical lesson and sermon preparation and understanding the message in order to convey it to others.

BL203 – The Doctrine of God – Syllabus Fall 2017

The Doctrine of God course will demonstrate the importance of a correct (orthodox) doctrine of God and how that view should impact your devotional life, preaching, and teaching.

After this course you should be able to discuss the attributes of God and their significance in Christian life.

BL204 - Evangelism Strategies

Evangelism Strategies is designed to help believers hone their skill in fulfilling the Great Commission. The course covers three major topics:
...Engaging the culture
...Competence and confidence in evangelism
...Cross cultural evangelism

BL205 - Aplogetics ..

Apologetics offers a comprehensive way to defend our faith in a rational and logical way.

BL206 - Church History

Church History will offer an overview of the Protestant Reformation, the Baptist Church History and the Southern Baptist History.

BL207 - Eschatology - The Study of End Times (BL512)

Eschatology provides a systematic overview of The Rapture, Tribulation and Second Coming of Christ!!

BL208 - Worship Leader Bootcamp

Worship Leader Bootcamp covers essential basics for pastors and musicians leading worship in their churches.

BL209 - Biblical Interpretation

Biblical Interpretation is designed to equip students to observe, interpret and apply the scriptures.

BL210 - The Doctrine of the Trinity

The Doctrine of the Trinity will specifically look at the three persons of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

BL211 - The Sovereignty of God and Free Will

The Sovereignty of God and The Free Will of Man will explore the biblical reality concerning the issue of soteriology (Salvation)

BL516 - Four Bedrock Doctrines of the Bible

The overall objective of this course is:
1. To assist the student in grasping foundational doctrines of the Christian faith, emphasizing what the church has taught throughout its history.
2. To develop a biblical literacy and worldview so that students will be challenged and equipped to articulate what they believe and why.
3. To be equipped to identify false teachings regarding each doctrine.
4. To communicate a reasonable faith in a contemporary culture of competing

BL517 - Christ in the Old Testament

This course will cover several aspects of the typology of Christ in the Old Testament. We will also discuss the foreshadowing of Christ in the Old Testaments.

And we will examine Christ in the Covenants of the Old Testament.

BL518 - Christian Theology - Pursued, Practiced and Preached

This course will cover several aspects of basic Christian Theology and how it can be applied to everyday practical Christian living and in ministry context. And we will also examine how theology influences our preaching.

BL519 - Stand Faithful

This class will address how to stand biblically faithful in an opposing world !!

BL520 - Evangelism and Gospel Apologetics

An introduction to the oral presentation of the gospel to the individual, including personal spiritual preparation for the task.  Biblical Foundations and Demands for evangelism will prvoide the basis of study.  There will be an emphasis throughout the course on Gospel apologetics as well.

BL521 - Christian Leadership

Leadership in the church must be learned through the examples left for us in the Holy Scripture. This class will examine those principles and you will learn to apply them to counter present day leadership based on worldly success.

BL522 - Small Church Growth

This course is designed to give students a biblical, theological, missional, and practical introduction to the ministry of church growth and renewal. There will be an emphasis on equipping students with the principles and strategies needed for growing and renewing healthy, reproducing, gospel centered churches that result in healthy, growing, and reproducing disciples. This course will also help students to personalize church growth and renewal to their context.


BL523 - Discipleship through Mentoring

In this course students study the process of developing a mentoring relationship. One of the most rewarding jobs of a Christians leader ,is to pass on the spiritual insights they have learned. The work of a Christian mentor is a very crucial work to develop future Christian leaders. Realizing that the Bible is replete with many examples of mentoring relationships, and the benefits of these relationships are still evident in the church today. It will be the aim of this course to enable the student to be able to identify a potential mentor, develop a mentoring relationship, and develop a system of follow-up with the mentor.